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Visual Identity Agency

What does it do?

A visual identity agency is at the heart of communication strategies. This graphic identity spreads the image of the company through different media. Obviously it is a way of attracting the attention of customers, but also of establishing their notoriety and credibility with commercial or institutional partners.


The visual identity service is the set of graphic signs such as colors, shapes and words that symbolize the company. It is used through different channels of communication (example: business cards, newspapers, website). It serves to differentiate itself from competitors.


The best known form of a visual identity service is the logo. The visual identity represents the image of your company, its services and, eventually, its values.


Mainly, a visual identity agency is in charge of developing business ideas and turning them into solid brands full of character and personality distinctive to any other.


A visual identity agency has the task of investigating the background of a brand, such as its values, its market, the problem they want to solve and the message they want to convey, in order to create a visual reference and translate it into graphic elements that are ultimately identifiers of the brand. In other words, translate abstract ideas into elements that represent you.

The qualities of a visual identity service

To have an impact, the visual identity service must meet a number of qualities. It could be summarized in 4 points:

Simplicity and clarity:

the visual identity must be identifiable (and memorizable) in a second.


it refers explicitly to its sector of activity.


the visual identity will be the same on all the media used.


it is unique and should allow you to distinguish your company from other market competitors.

Which companies can use the services of a visual identity agency?

It is very common that when wanting to start a business many ideas come up at the same time and it is difficult to land them. Visual identity agencies are responsible for conceptualizing all these scattered ideas and turning them into something visual and emotional.

Consolidated brands
There is a case where brands do not conceptualize their corporate identity well and find that the consumer is having a wrong perception of the brand. In these cases, a visual identity is the most recommended.

You also go to a visual identity agency when you need a refresh in brand identity and work with the agency to renew them, help them regain customer loyalty and the new challenges that arise in the world.

Why is the service of a visual identity agency important?

Over time, it has become more obvious why it is important to have a brand, maintain it, and grow it. What is important to note about all this is that sometimes you cannot do this alone and that specialized help is welcome.

Your brand is what enables you to gain a competitive advantage, define a strong brand communications strategy, and above all, increase your reach and broaden your target audience.

Choosing a visual identity agency to work with, can help you achieve all of this and more. You need to find the right brand agency for you, and sometimes this is not always the one that will tell you what you want to hear.

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