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Growth Hacking Marketing Agency

Growth Hacking Marketing Agency

A Growth Hacking Marketing Agency and growth hacking as such, in the field of digital marketing, is a type of strategy that requires a deep understanding of the business, the client and the functioning of the environment and the digital ecosystem. Its objective and method is growth and take advantage of that viral proliferation so associated with the use of new digital technologies.


Large companies in the sector (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and renowned startups have used and made famous this strategy to build their brands and maximize their profits.


Although it seems complex, its philosophy is very simple: it is about creating a great impact attacking what is really important and testing the idea that allows exponential growth, because growth is a process and like any process you can hack it. At a general level, a Growth Hacking agency creates a global vision that allows us to integrate all the capacities, processes, disciplines and movements with the aim of growing in the shortest amount of time.

Growth Hacking Agency

As a Growth Hacking agency we put at your disposal a team formed in SEO techniques, web analytics, internet advertising and A / B testing to increase your visibility and attract the largest number of potential clients. This innovative approach can solve the lack of financial resources and experience that most startups accuse, taking advantage of digital channels such as SEO positioning, SEM or social media platforms due to their free and global nature. Along with viral marketing strategies, more emphasis is placed on social media and content marketing than on traditional advertising media.


Through creativity, analytical thinking, web metrics and social media, we repeat, observe, modify and improve the strategies of each company, placing computer programming in total coordination with marketing and product design.

But what is Growth Hacking Marketing?

If you ask us what Growth Hacking is and we want to describe it directly, we will say that it is a discipline that seeks, with the least possible expense and effort, to quickly and clearly increase the volume of users, or income, or impacts, of our company.


The idea of ​​Growth Hacking arises from a very basic premise: grow, grow and grow. Every decision a Growth Hacker makes will go to grow your business; every strategy, every tactic or initiative goes in that direction. Growing up is the sun around which a Growth Hacker revolves. And to achieve this, it is in charge of redefining the products and their distribution so that they reach the maximum number of people possible.


Of course, traditional marketers are looking for that, too, but not as much. So what makes a Growth Hacking agency powerful is its obsession with a single goal: growth. It is precisely because of this fixation that new Growth Hacking techniques, methods and tools have appeared that did not exist before and have become the basis of a growth strategy.


But let’s put ourselves in a situation: if we are a startup, how do we get to grow when we have just started? For a Growth Hacking Marketing agency is clear: you have to get more with less. Nobody likes to invest a lot of money in something they don’t know if it will work, or in actions that carry risks, such as advertising. And even less do startups that have just started their journey into the business world and are not willing to waste money unnecessarily. This premise is useful for any type of company, but it takes on a special role in a startup that has to try to optimize expenses as much as possible.

Advantages of using a Growth Hacking agency

The main advantage of Growth Hacking is the low budget it requires to carry out quick impact actions.


With this, the risk is reduced since these actions are carried out to check their effectiveness at a very low price. Once they have been proven to be viable, they are invested in.


Each of these actions is constantly analyzed and measured, allowing changes to be made in real time if the strategy does not work as it should.


This daily monitoring makes a Growth Hacking agency know how the market works and get to know the buyer person closely. Having this information makes it possible for the actions carried out to be the ideal to sell more and better, since the product or service is constantly being improved.

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